online voting guide

Online voting guide

All instructions for online voting at a glance

These online voting guide is intended to help you find your way through our instructions. If you are planning to vote online with POLYAS, here are links to all of our online voting guides. 

If you have any further questions, please take a look at our FAQ.

1) Setting up voting 

Start setting up your online voting in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager. After the free registration, you can create your election project by clicking on “New project” -> “Online voting”.

Then you can start setting up the ballot papers, the electoral register, and other features. Instructions are available here:

1.1 Setup overview

1.2 Creating ballot papers 

1.3 Creating an electoral register

1.4 Features for online voting

With the help of our POLYAS features, you can add further functions to your online voting to customize them to your needs and wishes. 

1.5 Completing testing and setup

2) Implementing your voting

Once you have sealed your online voting and the voting period has begun, your voters are able to cast their votes in the digital polling station. You can use the POLYAS Online Voting Manager to observe how the voting is progressing.

3) After the voting

After the voting you can download your results in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager.