Realization online voting

Resend voting invitations

How to check the delivery status of your voting invitation

  • See the delivery status of all emails
  • Resend voting invitations as often as you want
  • Resend voting invitations to another email address

Check the delivery status of the voting invitations

After your online election begins, you can check at any time whether all eligible voters have received the voting invitation. If any of the recipients have not received the email, you can send another invitation. Or you can send the voting invitation to another email address of the eligible voter. We explain how it works below.

There are different possible reasons why an email does not reach the recipient. The recipient’s inbox might have been full, there might have been problems with the recipient’s mail server, or the address entered in the electoral register might have been wrong (for instance due to a spelling mistake).

Learn how you create voting invitation

You can see the delivery history for each individual eligible voter at any time to check whether they have received a voting invitation.

  • Click on the “eligible voters” tab in the Online Voting Manager
  • Now choose the eligible voter you would like to check and see whether that voter has received the voting invitation or not. Use the search function of the electoral register for this purpose.
  • If everything is correct, you see a green check mark. If the invitation could not be sent, you see a red exclamation mark


1. See mail history

To see the mail history, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the symbol that shows the delivery status of the email in the electoral register
  • A new window opens in which you can see the status of the email that has already been sent. In the free-text input field underneath you can enter the email address of the eligible voter for sending the voting invitation.

2. Enter email address and send another voting invitation

Now enter the email address to which the voting invitation should be sent. You can also choose a different address from the one originally given in the electoral register. Then click on “send.”