How to conduct a test election

Here is how you can conduct your test election with POLYAS

  • Test your voting for free before your actual election starts
  • Invite up to 9 voters to your test election
  • Learn more about our features

You can test your online voting while setting it up in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager. Below we explain how you can do it using Online Voting System. 

1. Create an online voting

Before you conduct a test, create one or more ballot papers. Here we explain how it works.

2. Start your online test voting with up to 9 test voters

After you have created your ballot paper(s), you can start your test with up to 9 voters. Just click on the button “Test”. 

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Your test voters receive the voter credentials for your test election via email:

  • Voter ID: by default, the voter’s email address (Note upper and lower case)
  • Password: automatically generated by the POLYAS Voting System

Your test voters can follow the stated link to the online test election and log in with their voter credentials. Now the previously created ballot is displayed, and they can cast their vote.

Here you will find out how casting a vote with POLYAS works

During your online test, you can already see if the ballot papers are configured correctly and what the election invitations sent to your voters look like before your actual online election. This way you and your colleagues gain insight into the online voting procedure and the management of the election.

Found a mistake? Feel free to correct it using the Online Voting Manager.

3. Download the result

After your voters have cast their vote, you can log into the Online Voting Manager and manually stop the test by clicking on the “Stop test election” button. In the status bar you can see which step the POLYAS Online Voting System is carrying out.

Once the vote counting has been completed, you can download the results as a PDF file in the test election module. If you want to stop the test manually, it is not necessary that all 9 test voters have cast their vote.  

If you found any mistakes, you can correct them in your election. You can carry out more test elections to check your changes. If everything is correct, you can pay for the election and seal it.

► NOTE: As soon as you have paid for your election and sealed it, you can no longer make changes. So please make sure that everything is correct beforehand.