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Download election results in the Online Voting Manager

The digital ballot box is automatically counted after the end of the election. To get the result, click on the “voter turnout” tab. You will find the “election results” button underneath the graphics showing the voter turnout.

Here you can download the result and the voter turnout as an Excel or PDF file. A further option is to download all of the files collected into a zip file.

Download election results as a PDF file

By clicking on the button you get the election result as a PDF file. This shows you the number of votes cast, voter turnout, as well as the result of the election.

Saving data on voter turnout 

After the election, you have the option to download the electoral register in Excel or CSV format. To download the electoral register, click your project in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager, select “Eligible voters” and then click “Import and export”. Here you can select the format of the download file. You can then download the register by clicking on “Download file”. 

The “Voted” column in this register contains information about who voted and who did not. If it contains

  • “true” / “1”, then the eligible voter has cast their vote.
  • “false” / “0”, the eligible voter has not cast their vote.

If you have used our e-mail system to send your election invitations, the “E-mail dispatch status” informs you whether the election notification was sent successfully (Submitted) or not (Failed). Depending on the configuration of your online voting, more information about the election in available in other columns, such as the assigned ballot weighting.

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Example export file of an electoral roll.

Example export file of an electoral roll.

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