Realization online voting

Voter Turnout

View the voter turnout during an election

  • Check the dispatch of your election invitations
  • See the actual voter turnout during the election
  • See which voters have already cast their votes

Even during the election process you can see the voter turnout in POLYAS online voting manager and check the correctness of email dispatch. See which voters have cast their votes and access the numbers just with a few clicks.

1. Access your election

After your election has started, click on the menu symbol in Online Voting Manager at the top left. In the open page list click on “My projects”. Click on the respective ongoing election to see its voter turnout.

2. Viewing voter turnout

To view the current status of the voter turnout, click on “Turnout/Results” in the tab navigation. This takes you to an overview where you can see the absolute and percentage turnout.

Depending on how long your election has been running, under the heading “Voter turnout” you can use the options “day”, “week” or “all” to filter for turnout for the current day, for the current week, or overall. The times displayed on the X-axis of the graph depend on the selected option and are automatically scaled to show the start and end time of the voting.

3. Filter options for voter groups

If you have booked the Voter Groups feature, you can also view the voter turnout for the individual ballot papers. To do this, click on the “Select ballot paper(s)…” field and then on the ballot paper(s) for which you would like to see the turnout. The ballots then appear under the field as filters in the color shown on the turnout graph. Use the X icon on a filter to remove the respective ballot, and use the X symbol in the “Select ballot paper(s)…” field to remove all of the ballot paper filters. You can display voter turnout for a maximum of five ballot papers at the same time.

Note: If a ballot has no voter groups assigned to it, the graph shows the total number of people who have voted so far. The base value for the calculation of the turnout per ballot paper is the persons entitled to vote for this ballot paper or the assigned voter group.

Use the cloud icon to download the voter turnout data. You will receive the turnout for each individual ballot and also the overall turnout for the entire voting period.

4. Register of eligible voters after voting starts

Detailed information about the status of individual eligible voters is available in the “Eligible voters” tab of the POLYAS Online Voting Manager. Different information is available in the table on the right:

Status of e-mail dispatch Here you will find information on the status of the voter invitations sent by e-mail. A green check mark indicates that the invitation was sent successfully.

Voting status: A green check mark appears next to eligible voters who have cast their vote.

For a more specific overview, you can also filter the entries in the register of eligible voters. The filter symbol allows you, for example, to see which eligible voters have been sent an invitation, and who has already cast their vote.

Information on voter turnout is also saved in the Excel export of your register of eligible voters. To do the export, go to the “Eligible voters” tab, click on Import and Export, and select your preferred format. 

In the downloaded file, voting status is shown in the “Voted” column:

  • False/Falsch/0: Vote not cast yet
  • True/Wahr/1: Vote was cast already

In a further column you can see the status of the e-mail dispatch, provided you are using our e-mail dispatch for your voter invitation.

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