Online Voting Manager guide

Online Voting Manager guide

All instructions for the online election manager

compactly summarized and sorted by topic.

To help with you with the guidelines section of the POLYAS Online Voting Manager, we have compiled this general guide for you to find your way around. In it you will find all the links to instructions for the Online Voting Manager. In addition to general instructions on the settings in the Online Voting Manager, you will also find guidelines for all of our features, and learn which products they are available for.

If you have further questions, take a look at our FAQs.

1) First steps

First of all, set up a profile in POLYAS Online Voting Manager—it’s free—and consider adding two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. 

Instructions are available here:

2) Features of the Online Voting Manager

You will find all of the guidelines on our features sorted by topic here:

2.1 Authentication

Under “Authentication” we have instructions on the features related to the shared login and the administration of the voting project.

2.2 Customization

We offer many features for you to customize the voting project, such as designing your ballot paper or the election URL. 

2.3 Design

We can also help you with the design of your voting projects. Learn more in these guides:

2.4 Communication

In order to communicate with your participants, the following features can enrich your voting project.

2.5 Voting

Our features also let you customize the voting process. For example, you can set up voter groups or proxy voting.

2.6 Documentation

During the implementation and following your Live Voting or Online Voting, the features listed here can help you to analyze the results. 

In the product sections, the feature guides explain which features are available with each voting product: