first steps live voting

POLYAS Live Voting

Live Voting guide

Instruction for your first steps in live voting!

This general Live Voting guide is designed to help you find your way around our selection of instructions. You will find out how to create and conduct a Live Voting with POLYAS. 

If you have any further questions, please look for the right answer by referring to our FAQs. The community also allows registered users to put questions to our voting experts directly.

1) Setting up Live Voting 

A Live Voting is set up in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager. After registering for free, click on “New Project” -> “Live Voting”.

You can then start setting up. Create the ballot papers, create the register of voters, and configure the other settings. All of our guidelines are available here:

2) Implementation

After you have set up your Live Voting and the voting period has started, you as the election organizer can manage the Live Voting from the Live Voting Cockpit. Your voters are now able to vote digitally. 

3) After the voting

After you have closed the voting, you can use the POLYAS Online Voting Manager to download the results.