Realization live voting

Online voting at live voting

Secure voting at live voting: This is how it works

  • Simple and location-independent
  • Secure and easy done
  • Following the five election principles

Simple and location-independent

Online voting using POLYAS Live Voting is simple, location-independent, and follows the five election principles: free, general, equal, direct, and secret. In a few steps, you exercise your right to vote. Learn here how it works!

Secure voting at the click of a mouse

As a person eligible to vote, you can vote from anywhere in the world. You only require a web-enabled device (tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop). All current browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer/Edge, Opera, Safari) can be used and only need to be up-to-date.

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The system architecture of POLYAS enables a strict separation of personally identifiable information and the electronic ballot paper. The secrecy of the ballot is guaranteed to you and the counting of your vote is anonymized.

Online voting


Open your Internet browser and enter the URL that was sent to you in the invitation. Enter your ID and password. You will find them in your invitation to the live voting. Click then on “Login.” You will be redirected to the digital ballot paper after POLYAS authenticates the login data.


Now you can exercise your right to vote or vote present.

Completion of the vote

Verifying the vote

After you have made your choice, click on “Check vote”. Now you have the chance to check your choice once again and if necessary correct it. If you are satisfied with your choice, click on “Binding vote.”


The vote you cast has been successfully counted. Wait until the vote is concluded.

Publication of the result

As soon as the event managers decide to publish the result, it will be shown on your electronic device.

Information about live voting

The event management has the choice with POLYAS Live Voting to inform all voters about the course of the votes. For example: “There is a break of 15 minutes and then the next vote will take place.”