set up online election

How do I set up an online election with POLYAS?

All you need to set up your first online election with POLYAS is a free POLYAS account.

The POLYAS Online Voting Manager offers you the following options:

  • Create ballot papers online, with handy templates for list elections, candidate elections, voting and candidate profiles
  • By giving your voters the right to vote by ballot paper, you can adapt the voting rights to your election regulations 
  • Upload the electoral roll as an Excel file or create the electoral roll directly in the configuration tool
  • Test your online voting with up to nine test voters 
  • Schedule the voting period and the time at which eligible voters receive their voter invitations 
  • Seal the election (which legally closes it) 
  • During the election: Observe voter turnout in real time 
  • After the election: Download the election results as a PDF or Excel file