Features of the POLYAS online voting manager

Features: POLYAS online voting manager

  • Customize your online voting
  • Add flexible features and services to your election
  • Maximize the user experience of your online voters

Find additional aplications that allow you to customize your online voting according to your individual requirements in POLYAS online voting manager. Here we explain how you can find and add them to your online election.

Access the extensions

Access features in the POLYAS online voting manager

To use aplications in the online voting manager, click on the “Features” tab in the navigation tab in the top right. You will have an overview on all the functions and services available.

Find your feature

Find your feature in the online voting manager

Aplications are sorted into topics, such as authentication, ballot papers, customization, electoral roll and voter communication. You can access the tabs via left sidebar. Scroll through the offer and discover the aplications for your election.

Are you looking for a specific feature? Use the search function of the online voting manager.

Add feature

Add useful features to your online election!

To add a feature to your election, simply click on it. A new window appears with a description of the feature and further information. Click on “Add” to add the feature to your election. You can also deactivate the feature. Please note that some applications can only be booked through our Support. Simply contact them by e-mail

Tip: Carry out a test election and get an impression of how the feature works.