URL redirect to a homepage of your choice

Here’s how to set up a URL redirect after votes have been cast

Redirect your voters to a landing page of your choice!

You can use our “URL redirect” feature if, once your voters have cast their vote, you would like to redirect them to the homepage of your organization, a thank you page, or a homepage with further information about the election.

Book feature

To book the feature, go to your election project in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager and select it on the “Features” tab. The feature view lets you adjust the following settings:

1.     The target URL: Here you enter the URL address of the website to which your voters are redirected after they have cast their vote. Caution: Be sure to include the full URL, including https://www.

2.     The time: Here you can set the number of seconds before voters are redirected after casting their vote. Do not select too long a time, otherwise your voters will have closed the browser window before they are redirected.

When you have made your settings, click on “Add”. Now you can complete the configuration of your election project and start the voting.

Note: To test the redirect in advance, please use our option Test voting.

URL redirect after voting

Once your voters have submitted their binding vote, they will be taken to the final page of the online voting. They see a confirmation that their vote has entered the ballot box, and they will be informed that they can now close the window. After the time you specified has elapsed, your voters are automatically redirected straight to the page of your destination URL.

Set up the URL redirect for your project now! ->To the POLYAS Online Voting Manager