Make your election project URL readable

Customize the URL for your election project

  • Better orientation for eligible voters
  • Shorten the URL for your election
  • Prevent errors when forwarding the link to your election

With the feature “Readable title in the URL”, you can customize the text in the link to your online voting. For example, you can add the individual title of your election, the name of your institution, or the year of your election. A customized link title also offers your voters easier orientation.

Note: This feature is available for Online Voting and Live Voting.

If you wish to use this feature, please contact our Support Team stating your project identifier ( We will add the feature of your choice and set it up for you.

Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to try out this feature as part of a test vote. To try out this feature, you would first have to conduct a productive election as a test election. 

Caution: The link text used for this election cannot be used a second time. For a test, you have to think of a different title.

URL design

We recommend that you include the following in your custom URL:

  • the name of your organization
  • the title of the election or the body being elected
  • the election year

Also, note that the URL must meet the following aspects:

  1. Umlauts must be written out (ä -> ae).
  2. All words must be written together; alternatively you can use hyphens to separate them.
  3. The entire title must be written in lower case.

There is a slash (/) at the end of each election URL.

The “URL redirect” is a useful feature following the election, as any visitors to your online election are redirected to your own website. More here >