Accessing online voting system

I’m having difficulty accessing the online voting system. What can I do?

You have problems accessing the online voting system? Here you will find solutions to various problems:

Invitation email not received

If there’s no invitation to vote online in your inbox, here’s what you can do:

  1.  Check your SPAM folder. The invitation emails come from the sender:
  2. Check if your inbox is full. You can usually see this in your email program settings.
  3. Check that you’ve entered the correct email address for voting. In this case, please contact the organization conducting the election and ask which email address is on file for you. If the address is invalid, your election organizer can resend the email to you at the right address. Learn more >
  4. Check to see if your invitation email has potentially been blocked in your email settings or by an internal firewall. In this instance, add our sender address ( to the white list. 

Link to the polling station won’t open

Are you eligible to vote in a POLYAS Online Voting or Live Voting event but are having problems accessing the online voting link? Try troubleshooting any issues by taking the following steps:

Note: please make sure that no external factors could be interfering with the process, e.g. an interrupted internet connection or something else.

  1. Use a different browser. We recommend using the latest versions of Safari, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
    1. Check that you have the latest version of your browser; update it if a newer version is available.
  2. Clear your cookies and your browser data. You’ll find the relevant option in your browser settings.
  3. Allow the website to use JavaScript. This can also be configured in the browser settings, usually under Security and Privacy.
  4. Use anotherdevice, e.g. a smartphone, tablet or a different computer.
    1. Check that your operating version is up to date; if not, install a newer version if available.
  5. Check your internet connection. Disconnect it and then reconnect it. Then try opening the link to the polling station again.
  6. Check if your antivirus program or firewall is blocking access to the website. To do this, have a look at your browser’s security settings or your device’s system settings.
  7. Check if the election link has been entered correctly.

If you still have problems accessing online voting, please contact your election organizer. 

Queries and issues with online voting

 The online polling station is currently closed

If you’re shown this information, it means that you’ve accessed the link to vote before the voting period has started. The voting period is specified in your election invitation. If you continue to have any issues registering for online voting, please contact your election organizer.

Login details don’t work

When entering your login details, be careful to use the correct upper and lower case letters and spelling. Make sure you don’t accidentally type a space at the beginning or end. 

POLYAS tip: Copy your ID and password and paste them into the corresponding box on the login screen using your mouse or keyboard.

In browsers such as Safari, the first letter may automatically appear in capital letters when you enter it.

What is my ID?

Please check your election invitation to see what’s been set as your login ID. This could be your email address or another identifier, such as a membership number. Only the ID shown in the election invitation can be used to log in to the voting system. 

Cancel voting

 You can cancel the voting process at any time, and log in again at a later stage to continue voting. 

Note: Once your vote’s been received in the digital ballot box, it can’t be amended or cast again.

Automatic logout

When using POLYAS Online Voting, you’ll be automatically logged out after 15 minutes for security reasons if you’ve been inactive in the voting system for this time. If this happens, you can log in again immediately and cast your vote, provided that the voting period still hasn’t expired.