Daily update on voter turnout

Daily update on voter turnout

Stay up to date on your voter turnout       

  • Receive the current status of the election
  • Automatically sent by e-maill
  • Individual setting of the time of sending

Stay up to date on the status of your election by having POLYAS send you a daily update on voter turnout by e-mail. Simply book our feature “Daily update on voter turnout”.

Book the feature “Daily update on voter turnout”

To book the feature, go to your Online Voting Manager and select it on the “Features” tab. The detailed view of the feature lets you adjust further settings:

  1. Recipient e-mail address: Enter the e-mail address where the daily update should be sent. The update can only be sent to one e-mail address.
  2. Time: Enter the time when you would like to be informed about the current status of the election by daily e-mail. Note: The e-mail is sent on the half hour or full hour (but not at 11:45 AM, for example).

Once you have made your selection, click on “Add”. You can complete the configuration of your election project now and start your election at the desired time.

Receive updates

Once your voting period has started, you will receive a daily update from day 1 of the election sent to your e-mail address at the specified time. If the time you set for the update is before the start of the election, the first update you receive will be on day 2. This update informs you about how many eligible voters and what percentage of voters have already voted. You will also see additional election details such as the voting period, the time when the election was created, and the link to the election.

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