Custom texts 

How to customize the system texts for your voting project 

  • Customize system texts to your needs and institution
  • Implementation of texts by POLYAS
  • Address participants individually 

In the Online Voting and in Live Voting, different explanatory system texts are displayed to your voters during the process of the election. With the “Custom texts” feature, you can modify these texts and adapt them individually to the language style of your organization. 

To use the feature, please contact the POLYAS Support team ( or your Election Manager stating the project identifier for your voting project. The project identifier can be found in the overview page of your voting project in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager.  

We will then send you a list of the customizable texts along with the current standard text content. You can then decide whether and how you want to adapt the texts. Each text is assigned a key, which serves as an identification feature in the system.

Change the texts in our list and send the file to our Support team or your Election Manager. They will then import the texts into our system for you.

Using HTML tags

You can use HTML tags to format your texts according to your needs. The following tags are accepted by the system:

  • Bold: <strong>Text</strong> 
  • Italic: <i>Text</i> 
  • Underlined: <u>Text</u> 
  • Line breaks: <br/> 
  • Links: <a href=”“>Link text</a> 
  • Open in separate window: <a target=”_blank” href=”http://your/_url_here.html”>Title of the links</a> 
  • E-mail address: <a href= “”></a> 

In combination with the “Multilingual” feature

Any POLYAS project can be conducted in multiple languages. To do this, you book the “Multilingual” feature with our Support team and decide which languages you would like to add to your chosen project. We offer system texts in German, English, Italian and French. You can customize these in a file as you wish. You can add other languages as well and enter your own texts. Please note that we cannot offer a translation service in these instances. 

More about the Multilingual feature here >