SecureLink to your intranet

Simplify authentication for your participants

  • Increased security for your voting project
  • Simplified login for your participants
  • Secure transmission of voter credentials

We offer the SecureLink access to your intranet for all our products; the Online Voting ans the Live voting. To book the feature, please contact your election manager or our Support Team stating your project ID ( They will book the SecureLink for your ballot and provide you with instructions for your development team or your IT, since the SecureLink access to your intranet must be set up for you.

Note: Please note that we only recommend using this feature for voting projects with more than 1,000 eligible voters and for customers who have an intranet or their own member area and their own IT department. 

1. Advantages of the SecureLink

If you decide to use the SecureLink for your voting project, you minimize the (personal) data required from your participants. This procedure avoids the use of unencrypted data, so improving data-protection compliance as the register of voters stays with you. For a pseudonymized register, assign an individual identifier (or hash the personal ID) to each of the participants in your register (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet). Now save the register without the original personal data, for example by leaving only the hashed ID in the table. Without knowledge of the key you used, the hashed ID does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about any persons, so that this directory is completely anonymous for POLYAS. 

Your voters can easily log into your intranet or your member portal with their usual voter credentials and take part in the voting. Forwarding to the POLYAS system is performed via a button or a link. 


For anybody who successfully logs in to your system (with their usual login data), your implementation of the SecureLink generates an individual secure link featuring the hashed identifier for each participant, which ensures that the person is authenticated for the online election or Live Voting. 

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A signature, a time limit on validity, and encrypted data transmission via the HTTPS protocol ensure maximum security for your voting project.

2. Setting up the SecureLink

After you have booked the SecureLink for your voting project, we will send you instructions for your IT department so that they can set up the connection on your site. You can view the data for your voting projects directly in your project overview.

A SecureLink consists of the following parts, which are integrated into your system or used from your register:

  • The project ID (one per voting project; from POLYAS)
  • An individual, hashed ID for each voter (from your hashed register)
  • An indicator of the validity period for the link (timestamp/TTL)
  • A signature (individual identifier) generated using a shared secret (common password for your voting project), which guarantees the correctness and security of the generated link

Your IT can then integrate a button in your intranet or member area, which forwards your participants to the voting.

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