voting secrecy

Is voting secrecy preserved even when voting online with POLYAS?

Yes, voting secrecy is ensured when voting online with POLYAS. 

The voting software POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 generates an anonymous token for you after you login, and this does not allow your identity to be inferred. Your vote is then based on this token. After you have cast your vote, your token is deleted and the electoral roll is informed that no new token may be generated for your data because you have voted already. 

The electoral roll then knows that you took part in the election, but not how you voted. The ballot box, on the other hand, knows how the ballot paper is marked, but not who did it. Only you know the whole secret.

Voting secrecy in POLYAS CORE 3.0 is protected by asymmetric encryption methods: In the case of digital voting, the identity of the voter is anonymized and separated from the vote, so that it is impossible to identify the voter.

This ensures that, for both systems, your voting secrecy is guaranteed in accordance with electoral principles.