E-Mail-Adresse teilen

Is it possible for several people to share an e-mail address and still cast a vote each?

Yes. The access data for an Online Voting, a Live Voting or a Nomination with POLYAS always consists of an ID and a password.

Note: Passwords are usually generated by the system and consist of 10 alphanumeric characters that are difficult to confuse. Otherwise, election organizers can upload their own passwords when uploading the register. 

Each ID may only appear once in the register of eligible voters or nominators and therefore uniquely identifies the participant. By default, the ID is the e-mail address. In the event that families share an e-mail address, you should use another, unique attribute as the (voter) ID and clearly define this. 

Possible IDs as alternatives to e-mail addresses include, for example, membership numbers. During the import procedure, the second step lets you specify which attribute should be used as the ID. Another option is to navigate in your election project to “Eligible Voters” or “Voters” or “Nominators” and then to the (voter) “Attributes” tab. Here you can select a new attribute (e.g. ID) or create a new one, and set it as “Unique” and as a (voter) “ID”. In this case you remove the “Unique” check mark for the “E-mail address” attribute. Although the e-mail address may then appear more than once, each ID appears once only. As usual, each ID can only be used to vote once.

As soon as the voting project starts, two invitation e-mails (if so configured) are sent to the same e-mail address but with two different sets of login data.