Realization online voting

Cast your vote online with POLYAS

Easy online voting at any place

  • Vote from anywhere
  • Easy handling
  • Done quickly

Online voting is simple, independent of location and, in compliance with the five main electoral principles, is free, general, equal, direct and secret. You can exercise your voting rights in just five steps. Find out how it works! 

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Secure voting with a mouse click

As a voter you have a chance to cast your vote from anywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and a web-enabled device (tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC). Vote counting is carried out anonymously. High security standards guarantee the secrecy of the ballot. No access to the voter data through the cast votes in the ballot box is provided.

Learn more about Data security in POLYAS online elections

5 steps of online voting

1. Log in to the online voting system

Two types of credentials: if you would like to vote online, you need to log in using your Voter ID and one-time password to POLYAS online voting system.

2. Confirmation of your login

The online voting system checks whether your data is stored in the electoral roll. You will only be granted access to the POLYAS online voting system if you are entitled to vote.

3. Your online voting

Now your ballot appears, and you can cast your available votes for election lists or candidates with a mouse click. You also have the option of an “invalid vote”.

4. Check your vote

Once you have filled out your ballot, it will be displayed to you again to check and confirm your vote.

5. Complete your voting

To complete your voting, simply click on “Cast binding vote”. Your vote is now in the digital ballot box. You cannot use your access data again.

Everything online: Voting information and voting

Election invitations and information about the upcoming election can also find their way to the eligible voters online. You will receive your election documents in full by e-mail so that they cannot be lost while sending them by mail. In your election invitation, you will find information on the upcoming election and your personalized access data. Now you decide when and from where you want to cast your vote within the election period – it is up to you.